CBD 2,5% Hemp seed oil

This CBD oil is composed of hemp extract and hemp seed oil. In addition to CBD, the hemp extract contains lots of other cannabinoids and terpenes. For this reason, this product is called a Full Spectrum CBD oil. The big advantage of a Full Spectrum CBD product is that all these different compounds can enhance the effect of CBD. This is often called the entourage effect.

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The hemp extract is liquefied by mixing it with hemp seed oil, which comes from the seeds of the same hemp plant and contains lots of essential fatty acids.

CBD percentage

This CBD oil contains a CBD percentage of 2.5%
This CBD oil contains a CBD percentage of 5%
This CBD oil contains a CBD percentage of 10%
This CBD oil contains a CBD percentage of 20%

Dosage advice

Our standard dosing advice is to take 0.25 ml under the tongue, 2 to 3 times a day. We give the same dosing advice for all of our products, because we assume that our products with higher CBD concentrations are consumed for uses that require a higher dosage of CBD.

CBD oil considered a safe product, with the vast majority of consumers experiencing no side effects. This means you can safely increase your dosage. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 160 mg however, as higher doses are considered medicinal.

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The contents of this product are guaranteed. On every batch we sell, an analysis has been performed by our specialized laboratory. You can check the lab report on this website using the batch code you find on your product.

How many drops does a 10 ml bottle contain?

A drop of CBD oil is about 0.05 ml. This means that a 10 ml bottle contains approximately 200 drops.

How long does 10 ml last me?

If you follow the standard dosing advice, you’ll be taking 0.50 to 0.75 ml of CBD oil per day. This means that a 10 ml bottle of CBD oil will last you over two weeks.


Use the table below as an indication of the number of milliliters that you take per dose (the values ​​are rounded).

% Percentage CBD0,05 ml= 1 drop0,15 ml = 3 drops0,25 ml = 5 drops0,5 ml = 10 drops
2,5%1,25 mg CBD3,5 mg CBD6 mg CBD12,5 mg CBD
5%2,5 mg CBD7 mg CBD12,5 mg CBD25 mg CBD
10%5 mg CBD15 mg CBD25 mg CBD50 mg CBD
20%10 mg CBD30 mg CBD50 mg CBD100 mg CBD

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CBD 2,5% Hemp seed oil

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